Feb 11, 2010

Big White Farm House

I drove into town to see the building that had burned and took my camera. I ended up driving around getting shots of the countryside.
Here is a big farmhouse.
I'd love to live in a little farmhouse with a big barn and lots of land.
I'd have animals and gardens and feed the birds. I'd even start doing the bird count again.
Maybe one day.


Swisstoons said...

What a great old place! I wonder how old it is. When I win the Mega Millions, I will have to buy it. Reminds me of Mr. Blandings' dreamhouse after the remodelling.
Looks like there might be a lot of history in this place...unless some rich couple paid big bucks to have a new house built in the old style...?

Dustytoes said...

There are many old places around these parts. Many are from the late 1800's it seems. Some residents add the date their place was built over the front door. This one is an original.